Trans Mexico - Meet Daniel Nizcomb in Oaxaca

The Triumphant Proof of Concept

Jan 2, 2023

Featuring Daniel Nizcomb

Music by Miranda Lukeman and Moby

DP: David Seabrook

I didn’t have a home for this project when I started.

I find that the doing and the creating often bring you to the place you need to be. This comes as a result of you shooting out energy into the sky and the sky responding. I made three proof-of-concept episodes for this project. One in Oaxaca, one in Iceland, and one in Italy. It seems like a lot of travel and effort without being commissioned or production support but I really needed to prove to myself that I could actually do this and it was worth the effort. If you build it, they will come. Or something like that.

I plan to post Oaxaca and Iceland here. Exclusively for paid subscribers as a thank you for supporting me.

Thanks to you, I landed my pitch!

A World in Transition is transitioning into The Gay Tour. This will be a more travel-focused series for a collaboration between Gay Cities, Into Digital Magazine, and Queerty. Wish me luck! I’m in production now.

Enjoy part one!